Issue 3:01 - January 1-31 2021

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In this Issue:

  • The Protests in the name of Farmers
  • The uncertainties of Wuhan Virus
  • New Threats of the mutant Corona Virus
  • Golden opportunity to label Pakistan as Terrorist State
  • Has Imran Khan become liability for Pak Army?
  • Nepal Falls from Grace, Sovereignty at stake
  • Vijay Divas : A quick look-back at the Indo-Bangla relations
  • Threatened Democratic rights in Bengal
  • India’s Defence Modernisation Towards 21st Century
  • India International Science Festival 2020
  • Science & Technologies
  • Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM)
  • Advanced Towed Artillary Gun system (ATAGS)
  • Chinese Lunar mission Chang’e 5
  • सम्पादकीय : विरोध की अराजकता
  • "ग्रहदशा” : मोदी सरकार वनाम राहु-केतु
  • मोदी जी ! मुफ़्ती-अब्दुल्ला की मुराद जानें और मानें

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