Issue 2:19 - December 1-31 2020

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In this Issue:

  • Will WHO betray the world again
  • New ‘Islamo-Fascism’ in the world
  • Combating ‘Love Jihad’ in India
  • Reversals in Indian foreign policies in its neighbourhood
  • Incompetency of Indian Govt in handling Farmer’s Acts
  • Why stop a Muslim from praying at a Temple?
  • PM Modi’s “Man Ki Baat” on Drugs gone unheard?
  • Where does the World stand for effective Corona Vaccines?
  • International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of Genocide
  • Human Rights Day
  • Science & Technologies
  • (i) Continued feat of DRDO….
  • (ii) Enemy drone Catcher by DRDO: Will it work?
  • Is Earths’ magnetism fluctuating?
  • SpaceX “Dragon Crew1” marks a new phase in Human Space Mission
  • सम्पादकीय :"अनुशीलन"
  • तिलमिलाहट
  • स्फुरण
  • चलते-चलाते : "कुछ लोग", “गुंडा राज”

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