Issue 2:18 - November 1-30 2020

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In this Issue:

  • The Politics of Rapes in India
  • The Socio-etiological factors in Rapes
  • Expected preventive & promotive steps against rapes
  • Crime Against Women in the Shadow of AFSPA (By Gp Capt Ajay Ahlawat, Retd)
  • The outcome of Sushant Rajput Investigations…
  • Continued Sino-Indian Standoff, sluggish Peace-Talks and a new World Order in offing;
  • Unravelling the Chinese Code (By Maj Gen Rajan Kochhar, Retd)
  • Covid19 :India Unlocked
  • While UN celebrates “Tolerance Day”
  • Science & Technology : Reusable Space Launch Vehicle
  • Shortest Travel Time to International Space Station
  • Advancements in the Indian Defence Technologies in recent months
  • सम्पादीय : दाग - धब्बे
  • बिहार के बदलते चुनावी समीकरण
  • विष-वृक्षारोपण
  • मिर्ची
  • चीनी-चीनी
  • चलते - चलाते : "चुनावी-चूना”
  • भागते भूत की लंगोटी : मोदी और सोनिया की नज़रों में सरदार साहब की मूर्ति का महत्त्व : पप्पू की पोटली;

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